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  January 1, 2020
  #Nodes: Entangling Science and Humanities, edited by Gustavo Ariel Schwartz and Victor Bermúdez
h  Research Paper
  art, big data, complexity, humanities, nodes, nodos, sciences

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#Nodes is not a book about science, nor about art, literature, or the humanities—or maybe it is about all of them at once.

This collection investigates reality from these perspectives and others, demonstrating the possibility of intense interdisciplinary collaboration. It is a book that resists categorization, because reality and thought do not exist in separate compartments. #Nodes proposes an intellectual adventure: an exploration of the boundaries between different fields of knowledge. The book explores topics ranging from elementary matter to consciousness to the complexity of living beings, asking questions along the way: How does life arise? What is consciousness? How can chaos elicit order? What’s the importance of being emotional? These questions require new approaches. To tackle this, #Nodes brings together the contributions of scientists, writers, artists, and humanists from various disciplines and countries with the purpose of stimulating new ideas.

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