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Cultural Network and the Future of Cultural Analytics

  January 1, 2015
  International Conference on Culture and Computing (Culture Computing), Kyoto, Japan
h  Conference Proceeding
  Cultural differences, Databases, History, Pragmatics, Production, Semantics, Social network services

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Developing a large-scale research program based on the concept of cultural networks encompassing multiple political and geographic areas as well as historical periods, types of cultural artifacts and representations, would initiate a paradigm shift that could shed light on human history and the relationships between cultural and geographic areas. Similarly, we would be better equipped to understand the dissemination of ideas and cultural phenomena and, in relevant cases (such as in art fairs, universal exhibitions, or Olympic games), we would be able to apply this knowledge to improve the management of current events. With this in mind, we need to integrate our knowledge of objects and people, change the scale of our observation of culture, and take advantage of the new possibilities for data storage and analysis that Big Data techniques offer. The frontiers of our understanding of human beings, history, and cultural evolution are being drawn by cultural networks that we are all connected to.

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