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Evolving Creativity: An Analysis of the Creative Method in elBulli Restaurant

  July 25, 2016
  International Conference on Culture and Computing 2013
h  Conference Proceeding | Research Paper
  complexity, Creativity, Gastronomy, innovation, network analysis

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In this Uncategorized we present an analysis of the creative method developed in the restaurant elBulli (www.elbulli.com) over the period 1987-2005. elBulli has been the 5-time recipient of the Best Restaurant in the World by Restaurant Magazine, and media, professionals and scientists have recognized the global impact of its work in the food industry over the last two decades. This impact is closely connected to the model of evolving creativity that elBulli team has implemented and refined over the years. We combine the qualitative study of documents produced by elBulli restaurant with networks analysis in order to represent a model of evolving creativity that can be applied to other domains and industries.

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