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Victims of Language: Language as a Pre-condition of Transitional Justice in Colombia’s Peace Agreement

  March 1, 2020
  Transitional Justice in Comparative Perspective
h  Research Paper
  innovation, innovation in peace building, natural language processing, nlp, peace, transitional justice, victims

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This chapter focuses on the specific language used to talk about victims during the peace negotiations in Havana, and in the Final Agreement. The objective is to determine whether the goals established in the General Agreement of 2012 around the victims of the conflict are reflected during the conversations and clearly included in the final peace agreement. The present research is part of a broader project of Peace Innovation developed at Cultureplex Lab that looks into how artificial intelligence, statistical computing and digital methods in general can support and assist transitional justice and peace-building processes. Taking the case study of Colombia, this project responds to the challenge of building a stable and long-lasting culture of peace in the country—an intention clearly expressed throughout the negotiations period and in the Final agreement—by analysing, in this particular research, the role of language in peace processes.

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