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La Complejidad y sus Ciencias

La Complejidad y sus Ciencias

This dossier of Revista de Occidente comprises three Uncategorizeds that deal with different ways of doing complexity science. Physicist Yaneer Bar-Yam talks about his research on complex systems such as the health system, the economy, or the military. Historian David...

Complejidad y Barroco

This Uncategorized deals with the conceptual problems of analyzing the Baroque as a system of culture, so that we study both the individual cultural works and the interactions they have with one another and that create the emergence of different cultural patterns. It...
Herederos de Proteo. Una Teoría del Humanismo Español

Tecnologías del Humanismo

This books introduces the idea of Humanism as a set of technologies of culture that take preeminence in the social and political organization of 16th and 17th-century Spain and America. This technologies play an important adaptive role in an environment that had...